Founded by Mustafa Kaya, a graduate of Information and Document Management at Istanbul University in 2001, Since the day it was founded, it has made great contributions to the formation and development of the information and document management sector.

Our company deals with the management of information and documentary professionally; By showing the difference in the sector with the systems that have been specially developed for each institution and organization; The pride of signing many firsts in the field.

Our company, which offers special solutions to all problems that may be encountered regarding the management of documents and information, Archive and library management software, physical archive editing, digital archiving, document browsing, inventory taking, file sorting plans and regulations, all technical services related to the library and the provision of archive library supplies.

In 2014, we signed an agreement with Primagest Co. In which our company undertakes the distributorship of IMAGE VALUE High Speed Industrial Scanners in Turkey, Middle East, Balkans and Africa; we have expanded in this field of activity. Installation, technical support and maintenance services for all of the distributor locations are provided by our firm.

As the first archive company to have an industrial scanner in its field, we opened BPO TURKEY in 2015; Ensuring that archives are transferred quickly, securely and electronically to the lowest possible cost.

In 2016; we are a company that further expands its service areas; Data Center Projects, Physical Infrastructure Planning, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. CSIT ltd has been active in these fields in Ankara.

In order to ensure complete management of all archive activities, ARŞİVCİM Archive Management Automation developed by our company; which has Multi-language support option, the archive management automation that can be used in every language, and we have become the first Turkish company to have such technology.

Our company, which is the result of trust and high quality service concept and growing with its references and 16 years of success stories, aims to share its knowledge with Turkey and the Middle East, Balkans and African countries.



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